Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing

Offered through Eaton RESA

This program is offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Lansing Community College. Students who complete the requirements through year 13, will receive a MEMCA Certificate. Students who complete the additional courses listed, can receive an Associate Degree. 

Program Description

Careers in Manufacturing Technology are vast and dynamic. The manufacturing of all products requires the application and use of various types of machine tools which range from simple hand tools, saws, drill presses snd milling machines to complex computerized numerical control, multi-axis machines. The manufacturing industry has a high demand for skilled professionals with the foundation skills in design, programing, and tooling operations. This program provides students with hands-on laboratory projects, career based education and industrial skill sets needed. Some career opportunities include Machine Tool Operations, CNC Programing and Operations and Skilled Maintenance.

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Describe appropriate safety procedures
  • OSHA regulations
  • MIOSHA regulations
  • MSDS requirements
  • QS and ISO certifications
  • Accident investigation
  • Introduction to CAD Software (Solid Edge)
  • Identify and demonstrate appropriate Section Views
  • Identify and demonstrate Assembly Drawings
  • Identify the types and purposes of drilling machines
  • Identify types and purposes of lathes
  • Identify the types and purposes of milling machines
  • Operate a milling machine
  • Identify the types and purposes of grinders
  • Operate a surface grinder
  • Create a basic CNC Program
  • Operate CNC Machines

Program Location

LCC West Campus


CNC Programmer
CNC Operator
Tool and Die Maker

Median Wage

CNC Programmer: $18.21 hourly
CNC Operator: $24.32 hourly
Machinist: $20.05 hourly
Tool and Die Maker: $24.55 hourly

Employment Outlook

CNC Programmer: 15% or higher
CNC Operator: 15% or higher
Machinist: 15% or higher
Tool and Die Maker: 15% or higher


First Aid and
CPR/AED certification

Success Indicators

Creative, detail oriented, organized, a strong problem solver, interested in computers and have strong math skills.

Required Reading

College level textbooks, less than 25 pages/week