Mechatronics & Robotics

Offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Lansing Community College

Students who complete the 62 credit hour requirements through year 13 will receive an Associate Degree in Mechatronics-Multi- Skilled Maintenance Technology.

Program Location

LCC West Campus

Program Description

After an introduction to industrial workplace safety, including the ability to earn First Aid and CPR/AED certifications, students will focus on the installation and repair of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and digital controls that operate automated mechanical and robotic systems. 

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Describe the scope and application of local, state and federal safety regulations as they apply to both industrial and construction work sites
  • Describe appropriate safety procedures
  • Explain the basics of fire, building and facility safety
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic first aid
  • Describe the basic physical properties of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Trace and describe the flow of energy in a given hydraulic or pneumatic system
  • Correct malfunctions in hydraulic or pneumatic circuits
  • Apply safety rules while working on a robotic system
  • Perform robot start up; control coordinate systems and motion systems
  • Copy, delete and edit programs
  • Program instructions
  • Define and spell electrically related vocabulary
  • Solve series, parallel and combination DC circuit problems
  • Construct basic circuits and measure electrical quantities using multimeters, ammeters, ohmmeters and wattmeters


Manufacturing Production Technician
Robotics Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technician
Electronics Engineering Technician

Median Wage

Manufacturing Production Technicians: $29.96 hourly
Robotics Technician: $26.74 hourly
Mechanical Engineering Technician: $26.19 hourly
Electronics Engineering Technician: $29.90 hourly

Employment Outlook

Manufacturing Production Technician: 5-9%
Robotics Technician: 2-4%
Mechanical Engineering Technician: 5-9%
Electronics Engineering Technician: 2-4%


First aid/CPR

Success Indicators

Mechanically inclined, detail oriented, focused, good at
troubleshooting, have strong hand/eye coordination, able
to read and understand service manuals and have strong
communication skills.