Automotive Technology

Offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Lansing Community College

Students who complete the requirements through year 13, will receive an Associate Degree. 

Program Location

LCC West Campus

Program Description

Students in this program will cover the four National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence requirements for training in auto service and brakes. An introduction to basic shop procedures is also provided. Students must have a valid driver’s license in order to operate vehicles in the lab. Students in this program will also study steering and suspension and electrical theory including the diagnosis and repair of malfunctioning circuits. Successful students will have the opportunity to take the State of Michigan certification exam in brakes, steering and suspension and electrical.

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Safety in the work environment
  • Engine maintenance and diagnostics operations
  • Service management
  • Hydraulic system diagnosis and repair
  • Drum brake diagnosis and repair
  • Disc brake diagnosis and repair
  • Power assist units
  • Wheel bearings, parking brakes and electrical components
  • Standard and anti-lock brake system diagnosis and repair
  • Suspension systems diagnosis and repair
  • Front and rear suspensions
  • Wheel alignment diagnosis, adjustment and repair
  • Wheel and tire diagnosis and repair
  • Basic electrical/electronic theory
  • Automotive battery, starter and charging systems theory, operation and diagnosis
  • Access wiring diagrams
  • Diagnose and repair malfunctioning circuits in vehicles
  • Advanced lighting systems and electronic instrumentation
  • Electronic chassis control and accessory systems
  • Passive restraint systems


Grade 11 - Full Year

Course Name Credits
AUTM 102 - Automotive/Collision Safety 1
AUTM 111 - Automotive Electrical 1 4
AUTM 151 - Steering & Suspension 4


Grade 12 - Full Year

Course Name Credits
AUTM 131 - Automotive Engine Repair 4
AUTM 141 - Automotive Brakes & ABS 4


Grade 13 - Fall

Course Name Credits
AUTM 113 - Automotive Electrical 2  4
AUTM 125 - Manual Drive Train & Axels 4
AUTM 126 - Automatic Transmissions 4
AUTM 161 - Automotive Heating & Air Condition 4


Grade 13 - Spring

Course Name Credits
MATH 115 - Technical Math 2 4
AUTM 211 - Automotive Electrical 3 4
AUTM 271 - Gas Engine Drivability 4
AUTM 274 - Light Duty Diesel Drivability Diagnosis 4


Additional Courses to Complete Associate Degree

Course Name Credits
AUTM 181 - Introduction to Alternative Fuels 2
AUTM 276 - Ignition & Emission System Diagnosis 4
MGMT 234 - Diversity in the Workplace 3
Comm 110 - Oral Communication in the Workplace 3
ENGL 124 - Technical Writing 3



Automotive Specialty Technician
Automotive Master Mechanic
Diesel Engine Specialist
Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants

Median Wage 

Automotive Specialty Technician: $19.02 hourly
Automotive Master Mechanic: $19.02 hourly
Diesel Engine Specialist: $22.29 hourly
Automotive/Watercraft Service Attendants: $11.24 hourly

Employment Outlook

Automotive Specialty Technician: 5-9%
Automotive Master Mechanic: 5-9%
Diesel Engine Specialist: 5-9%
Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants: 10-14%


State of MI Brakes Certification
State of MI Suspension Certification
State of MI Electrical Certification

Success Indicators

Interested in science, mechanically inclined, kinesthetic (hands-on learner), able to apply written to practical information, able to use deductive reasoning, a critical thinker, willing to work hard and manage time effectively.