Digital Media & Design

Offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Lansing Community College

Students who complete the 62 credit hour Web Design or the 64 credit hour Graphic Design requirements through year 13 will receive an Associate Degree in Graphic Communications.

Program Location

LCC Main Campus

Program Description

Digital Media & Design is an exploration of visual design with a focus on art concepts, image manipulation, web design and animation. The course focuses on the creative process of visual problem solving from initial sketches and research through graphic creation and refinement and final presentation. Project-based assignments provide a hands-on approach to developing individual solutions using modern technology. The emphasis of the class is on developing a personal creative voice and professional preparation for a career in the visual arts.

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Describe and interpret how visual images are used to communicate social, cultural and industrial themes and messages
  • Develop effective solutions to two-dimensional design problems using the elements of design
  • Explore digital scanning formulas
  • Locate, identify and record the image mode, file size, resolution and pixel dimensions when given a new Photoshop digital image file
  • Explore re-touching tools and techniques
  • Determine design priorities and alternatives based on an understanding of clients’ requirements
  • Build web sites using Web Standards, separating content from style using XHTML and CSS
  • Create and modify pixel-based images
  • Create a web page based on elements and principles of design
  • Re-purpose text and graphics from various sources
  • Prepare images for the web
  • Add multimedia elements and effects to web sites
  • Create simple animations for the web


Fine Artists/Illustrators
Graphic Designers
Web Developers
Multimedia Artists and Animators
Commercial and Industrial Designers

Median Wage

Fine Artists/Illustrators: $23.81 hourly
Graphic Designers: $23.41 hourly
Web Developers: $32.69 hourly
Multimedia Artists and Animators: $33.91 hourly
Commercial & Industrial Designers: $31.72 hourly

Employment Outlook

Fine Artists/Illustrators: 5-9%
Graphic Designer: 2-4%
Web Developers: 15% or higher
Multimedia Artists and Animators: 5-9%
Commercial and Industrial Designers: 2-4%

Success Indicators

Creative and motivated, adaptable in exploring creative process, open to assignments with uncertain parameters and no defined solutions, willing to experiment and explore multiple potential answers, capable of presenting,
discussing and reflecting upon creative work, accepting of working with precise technical solutions including computer code.