Business Academy

Offered through Eaton RESA

This program is offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Davenport University. Completion of the program will result in students receiving an Associate Degree in Business Administration.

Program Description

In this program students will learn contemporary business principles, practices and terminology. The major functional areas of business, including short and long-term financing (including the securities market), forms of ownership, banking, marketing and management are examined. Students will also receive a foundation in basic management principles. The four universal functions of management (planning, organizing, leading and controlling) are explored. Plus, the role of marketing in society and in the success of an organization will be studied. Through critical thinking exercises and case analysis, students become familiar with the primary tools of marketing including market segmentation, product, pricing, marketing communication, research and marketing channel strategies. At the same time students will develop the skills
needed for university success, career planning, critical thinking, study techniques and test taking strategies.

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate personal skills, abilities and interests to select and/or confirm a major and potential career path
  • Identify learning styles and strategize their applicability toward academic and professional success
  • Employ academic skills and techniques through the development of critical thinking to meet personal, educational and career goals
  • Research and critically evaluate potential professions
  • Establish expectations of effective interpersonal relationships, teamwork and communication in diverse workplaces and academic environments
  • Plan and support business decisions using credible external and appropriate internal business information
  • Consider the major roles and functions of business in a free market, private enterprise system
  • Understand the basics of marketing, finance and accounting, operations management, and human resources management, including the tools and reports used
  • Define, explain and apply the planning function of management
  • Describe, explain and analyze the organizing function of management
  • Define, discuss, demonstrate and develop the leadership function of management
  • Identify, review and analyze the control function of management
  • Analyze the marketing mix and interpret the major decisions each component involves
  • Compare marketing activities with the other functional areas of an organization
  • Evaluate the concept of marketing segmentation and target market selection
  • Explain the relationship between marketing, its environments and its role in society

Program Details

Program Location

Davenport University


Human Resource Manager
Administrative Services Manager
Marketing Manager
Operations Research Analyst
Sales Manager

Median Wage

Human Resource Manager: $51.40 hourly
Administrative Services Manager: $43.29 hourly
Marketing Manager: $63.07 hourly
Operations Research Analyst: $38.08 hourly
Sales Manager: $56.71 hourly

Employment Outlook

Human Resource Manager: 5-9%
Administrative Services: 10-14%
Marketing Manager: 10-14%
Operations Research Analyst: 15% or higher
Sales Manager: 5-9%

Success Indicators

Have strong writing skills, skilled at time management, highly organized, effective in team setting, strong researcher and a critical thinker.

Required Reading

College level textbook, 25+ pages/weekly