Business & Risk Management (ISD)

Offered through Ingham ISD in partnership with Davenport University

Students who complete the requirements of this program through year 13 will receive up to 60 college credits from Davenport University and have the potential to earn an Associate degree in Business.

Program Location

Wilson Talent Center

Program description

Are you looking for a career with excellent job outlook as well as great pay?  If so, there are numerous careers in the insurance field that offer both and the Business & Risk Management program may be just for you.

Did you know that over 40% of our local insurance workforce is within ten years of retiring?  those retirements are going to leae a huge gap in local companies who are going to need trained professionals to step in and fill these jobs.  Business and insurance careers offer great earning potential, stability in a growing industry as well as a challenging and rewarding career path.

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