Criminal Justice (ERESA)

Offered through Eaton RESA in partnership with Lansing Community College.

Students who complete the 64 credit hour requirements through year 13 will receive an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice. 

Program Location

LCC West Campus

Program Description

This program explores the basic concepts and potential career opportunities in Criminal Justice. The program provides instruction in the areas of law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Criminal Justice is primarily an academic program with some hands-on activities such as pressure points, take downs, handcuffing, Teen Court and firearms training. Field trips also are scheduled to the Hall of Justice, Camp Highfields (a juvenile center), the Ingham County Jail, 54-A District Court, the Ella Sharp Cell Block 7 Prison Museum and a prison (for those students who are at least 18 years of age) during the first year of the program. Frequent guest speakers provide information about what it is like to be a police officer, corrections officer or juvenile worker.

Student learning outcomes include but are not limited to:

  • Explain and identify three components of the Criminal Justice System and its historical context
  • Identify and discuss the functions of the court system
  • Apply handcuffing and defensive tactics techniques
  • Apply the factors necessary to book and properly classify an inmate
  • Define the role of corrections as part of the overall U.S. Criminal Justice System
  • Identify the differences between state, federal and local corrections
  • Compare and contrast the different types of jail design
  • Define the role of probation as part of the correctional system
  • Define the role of parole as part of the correctional system
  • Identify and explain the components and functions of the Juvenile Justice System

Learn more about career options, requirements, employments outlooks, work activities, training, wage trends and more!

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